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To drill blast holes as economically as possible, Drill Rigs cover rock cross sections of hundred square meters and more. Therefore, the Drills use up to four booms which result in very high tire loads when moving. High cutting resistance, good traction, and stability are essential for tires used in these applications.

Technical Details

Tread lug design

  • Closed center blocks for maximum protection against penetration of the crown
  • Wide footprint for long service life and a comfortable ride
  • Chunky tread lugs for high stability

Tread Groove Design

  • High self-cleaning ability and good traction in muddy and loose ground conditions
  • Groove spacing for minimized stone trapping and reduced rock penetrations, tearing or cutting

All Steel Radial Technology

  • Carcass construction allows high inflation pressure resulting in high load capacity
  • Wide bead construction for optimized rim fit and drive torque transmission


Earthmoving Brochure English

Earthmoving Brochure English

pdf 8 MB Download

Technical Databook - OTR English

Technical Databook - OTR English

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