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Take a step into the future of tire management with the intelligent tire.

All Continental Radial ContiEarth™ tires are equipped with premounted sensors which constantly monitor inflation pressure and temperature of the tire and transmits the information in real time to the system.

The Continental RDT-Master is available with a standard (ST) and a cut resistant (CR) compound.

Technical Details

Wide Tread With Flat Contact Area

  • Maximum Traction

Open Shoulder Design

  • Great self-cleaning
  • Enhanced traction

Carcass Protection and high mileage

  • High carcass protection against cuts and damage by foreign objects

Extraordinary resistance to surface stress

  • Polymer meshing system flexes over rough surfaces and obsstacles keeping its structure after pressure release.


Earthmoving Brochure English

Earthmoving Brochure English

pdf 8 MB Download

Digital Solutions Brochure English

Digital Solutions Brochure English

pdf 1 MB Download

Digital Tire Monitoring - Earthmoving

Digital Tire Monitoring - Earthmoving

pdf 615 KB Download

Technical Databook - OTR English

Technical Databook - OTR English

pdf 6 MB Download

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