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TerminalMaster V.ply tires are designed with a closed shoulder, which heightens stability precision while travelling in a straight line and cornering. The three-ribbed design keeps tread vibration to a minimum, an advantage for AGVs as fewer steering corrections are required.

The Port Plus Compound offers improved abrasion resistance to increase the lifetime of the tire.

Technical Details

For AGV's

  • Continuous contact of tire with ground surface ensures good longitudinal driving and cornering stability. Vehicle vibrations are therefore reduced. 

and Pushbacks

  • Deep longitudinal and lateral tread grooves and three strong circumferential ribs ensure traction when pushing/pulling/transporting heavy loads.

Three ribbed tread design

  • Low tread vibration*

*Important for AGVs as less automated steering corrections are required.

Port Plus Compound

  • Increased lifetime
  • Resistance to abrasion 


Port Brochure English

Port Brochure English

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