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Check back here to see the latest news and activities coming out of the 2023 ContiXperience at Continental's Proving Grounds in Uvalde, TX. 


ContiXperience #1

ContiXperience 2023 officially kicked off on June 12 at our Uvalde, TX Proving Grounds! Each day our dealers and fleets will run our tires and solutions through a variety of tests at this unique facility, demonstrating just how well Continental performs in the toughest conditions. In the first experience, Fleets and Dealers got a close-up look at how well our Conti HSC 3 steer and Conti HDC 3 drive tires for Construction applications stand up against extreme curbing conditions.

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ContiXperience #2

Day 2 at ContiXperience featured an overview of ContiConnect Trailer Solutions, which allow for the monitoring of tire pressure, temperature and  GPS location of trailer units, even when it is disconnected from the power unit. The Trailer Stand-alone solution is perfect for fleets that are usually on the road and don't return to their depot on a regular basis. Here we have a demo showing how to install the trailer unit to make it all possible.

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ContiXperience #4

Even with temperatures in triple digits, Continental's Uvalde Proving Grounds can make it feel like your driving through a downpour. Here our attendees got to experience how well our premium ContiTread HDL 3 LTL-R retreads perform in the rain against reduced quality retreads.

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ContiXperience #5

ContiXperience Day 4 was headlined by the off-road course at Uvalde Proving Grounds which highlighted the traction, performance, and superior chipping resistance the Conti Terra HD3. This experience also gave customers a first look at the next generation Conti HDR 5 and Conti HSR tires, the newest additions to our 19.5" lineup. 

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