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ContiLifeCycle Delivers Innovative Tools and Tire Technology

Conlan Tire

Conlan Tire, a rapidly growing tire dealership and retreader with eight locations in Florida, has been part of the ContiLifeCycle network since the chain was founded in March 2017. Owner Alex Conlan saw partnership with Continental as a way to offer a complete package to his fleet customers.

“It’s pretty attractive from the fleet side having [a tire dealer] say, ‘Hey, here’s your pricing on steer tires, here’s the performance you can expect, and here’s the retread to go along with it. And we also know the importance of maintaining air pressure; here’s a system that can monitor your air pressure for you.’ So for me, it’s about the tools that Continental offers,” says Conlan.

Alex Conlan uses ContiPressureCheck to monitor tire performance Conlan maximizes overall value with Continental's digital solutions
To me, it’s pretty critical to have more of an offering to partner with a fleet to lower their overall costs per mile.

Alex Conlan - Owner, Conlan Tire

He uses the digital solutions and data services in the Continental portfolio, such as the VDO RoadLog ELD, ContiPressureCheck™ tire pressure monitoring system, and ContiConnect™ digital tire monitoring, as a way to open doors with customers. “We can go in there and offer that service and get our foot in the door, and then they get to know us,” Conlan explains. “It helps us sell tires. To me, it’s pretty critical to have more of an offering… to partner with a fleet to lower their overall costs per mile.”

Digital tire monitoring in differents displays ContiConnect™ displays tire performance data via intelligent tire sensors on multiple devices

Conlan also appreciates the ContiLifeCycle approach, which considers all stages of the tire lifecycle. “That cradle to grave atmosphere, the customer [likes] to have someone responsible for that casing and tire from the beginning of its life to the end,” he observes. “We like the fact that when we retread the Continental casings with the Continental products… [the customers] have a hard time telling the difference between the new and the retread. It’s more accepted by them.”

Conlan Tire is a high-tech shop whose owner was looking for a retread partner that offered more than just tread rubber. “We have that synergy [with Continental],” he asserts. Conlan especially recognizes the tire technology used in ContiTread™ retreads.

“Continental, unlike anybody else, offers a fuel efficient or mileage [optimizing] compound in just about every [vocation]… It’s a really unique feature to offer to fleets, so they can pick their tread pattern and compound. If a [driver] wants to run fuel [efficient] he can, but if not, he doesn’t have to.”

In terms of shop efficiency, Continental also has some nice features, boasts Conlan. “One of the great things that Continental offers is a nice selection of widths. So we are putting say a 245 mm on a tire that needs a 245, versus cutting it down to 235. There is a lot of value in the availability of widths of treads.”

ContiTread Hybrid HD3 ContiTread™ Hybrid HD3

In the end, Conlan Tire is focused on delivering excellent service to their customers, and they expect the same from their retread partner. “The support we get from you all is unbelievable,” he claims. “And that’s from the top down. Continental realizes the expertise that our retread shop possesses, the sales team has worked hard turning in business with us, I think the tread rubber is great, and what’s more exciting than anything is the technically advanced solutions [Continental] has… I knew we’d have that synergy.”

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