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Extending Tire Life and Improving

Service Levels with ContiConnect® Yard

Venezia Bulk Transport Testimonial

As the Director of Maintenance for Venezia Transport, Bob DeAngelo was frustrated with increased downtime caused by unexpected tire concerns, as were key Venezia clients, since excess downtime led to missed delivery windows.

Now that ContiConnect® Yard monitors his fleet of 750 tractors and 1500 trailers, Bob and his clients don’t have to worry. “The ContiConnect® Yard Reader gives Venezia the ability to quickly show our customers that we have implemented a solution to ensure on-time deliveries,” says Bob.

After greatly reducing their labor spend and downtime, Venezia will continue to add more ContiConnect® Yard to new terminals and appreciates being able to purchase intelligent tires directly from Continental. 

“Continental was able to provide a solution that we could use to target our terminals that had the highest outside spend on tires and service,” says Bob.”

Bob DeAngelo, Director of Maintenance for Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc.

The system paid for itself the moment it was plugged in. To this date, Venezia has experienced zero unscheduled maintenance calls since installation and their trailer tire lifespan has increased from 24 months to 36 months and beyond.

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Venezia Transport Testimonial

Venezia Transport Testimonial

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