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Blythe Construction

Nelson Cook

Preventing Blowouts and Improving Operation Efficiency with ContiConnect® Yard

As the Equipment Operations Manager for Blythe Construction, Nelson Cook needed a solution to improve driver safety while keeping his asphalt trucks on the move and on their way to the job site. Now that ContiConnect® Yard Reader automatically monitors truck tire pressure and temperature and emails him updates on his fleet, Nelson doesn’t have to worry about blowouts, flat tires, or delayed deliveries.

Nelson says, “This innovation is going to be great for the company. Not only for preventing downtime but saving our tires and in the future, saving money on fuel.” Blythe Construction is constantly looking for better ways to serve their customers. Tracking their delivery fleet with ContiConnect® Yard Reader improves efficiency and reliability which drives service levels up and sets them apart from competitors.

"Implementing ContiConnect® Yard Reader really puts us ahead of the competition,” says Nelson.

Nelson Cook, Equipment Operations Manager for Blythe Construction

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