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Trimac Transportation

Brian Rigg

A photo of a Trimac Transportation liquid tanker driving on the highway. Trimac Transportation tanker transporting goods on the highway.

Need Emergency Roadside Assistance?

TrukFix 360° Smart App solves that with 24/7 support

Fleet Manager at Trimac Transportation, Brian Rigg shared his experience using our TrukFix 360° Smart App. With TrukFix 360° Smart App’s ability to request emergency roadside assistance with no hotline or hold times, Brian can keep his fleets on the road with minimal downtime. Brian’s team stated the app is "simple and easy to use" with no need for his team to track down tire service vendors. With the innovative capabilities of the 360° Smart App, a fleet can get real-time visibility, tire service’s ETA, and detailed information about the service provided

I enjoy the app. I found the Continental staff to be friendly, helpful, and good to deal with. Using TrukFix freed up a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on the phone, calling in the same issues.

Brian Rigg, Fleet Manager at Trimac Transportation

Photo of Brian Riggs, Fleet Manager at Trimac Transportation. Continental's TrukFix 360° Smart App enables the user to submit, process, and track TrukFix emergency roadside assistance requests in real-time.

With TrukFix’s 360° Smart App, our fleet customers receive 24/7 customer service support from Continental, with a list of commercial dealers who stock Continental and General Tire products.

Brian manages a team of service advisors throughout North America that are responsible for minimizing fleet downtime and getting the fleets back on the road. They respond to breakdowns for a fleet of 3,200 company-owned trucks and owner-operator units and over 4,200 trailers. Their goal is to get the fleets back on the road quickly and safely to provide the best service for their customers. Trimac is the 6th largest active fleet in Canada, with roughly 7,400 units, and operates throughout North America. Their focus is on the safe transportation of products including dry bulk, petroleum, oilfield services, and various food, and chemical products.

TrukFix 360° Smart App Supporting Documents

TrukFix 360° Smart App Brochure

TrukFix 360° Smart App Brochure

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Trimac Transportation Testimonial

Trimac Transportation Testimonial

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