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Generation 5

Welcome to a new era.

Aerial view of a road crossing a forest and construction site.

We are opening the next chapter in the history of mobility.

We are looking back on 150 years of innovation. With our long-standing experience, dedication, and passion, we're constantly developing state-of-the-art products, services, and solutions. Businesses are much more likely to succeed, when working together with someone who aims for the same goals. Someone, you can always count on as your team partner, who helps you take your business to the next level.

We build on the foundation laid by Generation 3 and rely on our values, convictions, and motivation to make real change happen. We want to help you overcome the challenges you're facing every day, by providing you with solutions for more efficiency, comfort and safety. We want your journeys to be convenient and reliable, even in winter conditions on the most difficult routes. That’s what we are here for. This is a new era. This is a new generation of truck and bus tyres. 

Continental Generation 5

Together we make a difference

Three persons walking at a truck stop.

The tyre business is a people’s business. The truck and bus industry isn’t just about technology, performance and specs. With Generation 5, we not only offer brand new premium tyres but also personal support for fleet managers and CEOs in the truck and bus business, offering key services such as Conti360° and Digital Solutions. As your partner, we offer our expertise and help you succeed in all important areas. Let’s make the most of your business. Together we make a difference.


We are Generation “Unstoppable”

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It’s not easy to keep operating costs down. Especially when it comes to the transportation of goods. As a fleet manager, you need to meet tight schedules, take care of fleet maintenance, and avoid downtime. The transport industry can be a daily struggle. Not to mention long-distance transportation, varying road conditions and changing international regulations. The number of challenges you're presented with every day constantly grows. As your partner, we can help you to fulfill your needs with more efficiency, safety and less operating costs. Our tailor-made range of truck tyres keep your fleet on the road. Let’s be more efficient on the road. Together we make a difference.


 We are Generation“ Safety First”

Aerial view on a city with a bus for people's transportation.

Buses and coaches are a reliable, flexible and cost-effective means of transport worldwide. More and more passengers are opting for the bus as an alternative to the car, no matter the distance. Varying road conditions such as narrow streets, kerbs, winding roads, or high traffic density can place different demands on tyres and require reliability and safety. Our comprehensive range of tyres for buses and coaches offers a perfect solution for every journey, to help you transport your passengers from A to B in the best possible way. Let’s ensure people feel comfortable and safe on every journey. Together we make a difference.


We are Generation “Get Things Done”

aerial  view of  rock quarry in Poland near Sobotka town

Road maintenance, building construction, forestry — transport to and on your construction sites can be a tough business with various challenges on any trip: just-in-time deliveries, heavy axle loads, precise handling requirements or mixed on and off-road operations with changing ground conditions. Our range of reliable construction truck tyres has been specifically designed to meet your requirements and to deal with the most challenging on and off-road conditions. Let’s prove reliability even on the toughest routes. Together we make a difference.


We are Generation “Born Ready”

White car passing on an extreme winding road in wintertime

Winter is like Groundhog Day: there’s no getting around it. It’s the time of the year where you are challenged the most by rapidly changing conditions. Where you need highly efficient winter tyres that improve your safety on unpredictable, slippery roads. As your partner, we help you to tackle every wintery road with confidence. Our Scandinavia lines of winter tyres for trucks, buses and coaches easily outperform M+S tyres and significantly exceed the requirements of the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol – for notably improved handling and traction. Let’s tackle every wintery road with confidence. Together we make a difference.

Our services go far beyond tyres

With Generation 5, we also take services to the next level. We develop state-of-the-art technology that optimise all aspects of your business. Our reliable solutions like Conti360°, ContiConnect 2.0™ and ContiLifeCycle™ contribute to greater efficiency, comfort and success in a sustainable way. No matter what gets in your way. Together we can handle this - and make a difference. This is the beginning of a new era.

Interested in Gen5?

We will start our Generation 5 with the new ContiHybrid HS5 and ContiHybrid HD5 – available in Q3, 2022. To request further information, please contact us and we will direct you to your local expert.