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Image of Continental's Clinton, MS manufacturing location Continental's Clinton, MS Truck Tire Manufacturing Plant

Continental is a proud manufacturer of American truck and bus tires

How do you know if you are purchasing a Continental tire made in the USA?
Mt. Vernon plant aerial view An aerial view of Continental's Mt. Vernon, IL manufacturing plant

Identifying where a tire is made in the USA is relatively easy to spot just by looking at the sidewall of the tire. Every tire has the location of where a tire is made stamped in the DOT identification marking.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) marking is a tire's identification number which shows the tire's birthdate and origin. The first ID number after the letters “DOT” identifies the Tire Identification Number (TIN) which includes the manufacturing plant where the tire came from and then the week and the year it was produced.

Tire DOT Code
  • Characters 1-2 = Manufacturer and Plant
  • Characters 3-4 = Tire Size Code
  • Characters 5-7 = Tire Type or Model
  • Characters 8-11 = Week & Year of Manufacturing

*Given some potential supply chain constraints, some tires sizes might be produced in Europe. Continental’s European plants adhere to the same high standards as plants here in the USA. If you have a special need to ensure that the tires you buy are Made in the USA, please ask your local dealer to select them at the moment of inventory picking.

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