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Mobility and beyond at the IAA 2023

Exploring the Future: Navigating IAA, Emerging Continental Tire News & Mobility Trends 

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Five days of non-stop mobility experiences

The automotive world came together for one of the most anticipated events of the year—the International Motor Show (IAA) which took place in Munich, Germany from 5 to 10 September. The brightest minds and the latest technologies converged here to take on the challenge of shaping the future of mobility. As a leading tire company at the forefront of innovation, Continental Tires made waves with its groundbreaking product, the UltraContact NXT, as well as the ContiCityPlus. In this blog post, we dive into the remarkable features of these innovations and recap on some key sustainable mobility trends that were showcased at the IAA.

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The UltraContact NXT: pioneering sustainability, performance and safety 

UltraContact NXT

One of bright stars of the Continental show at IAA was the UltraContact NXT, which promises to redefine the driving experience. 

This revolutionary tire is a testament to Continental’s relentless pursuit of innovation, safety and sustainability. With a strong focus on enhancing driving comfort and performance, the UltraContact NXT boasts advanced features that set it apart from its predecessors.

  • With up to 65 per cent renewable, recycled and mass balance certified materials, the new summer tire combines a remarkably high share of sustainable materials with maximum safety and performance.
  • At the same time, all dimensions carry the highest possible rating in the EU tire label (“A”) in terms of rolling resistance, wet braking and exterior noise.
  • The UltraContact NXT is an important step towards fulfilling these ambitious sustainability goals and becoming the most progressive tire manufacturer – as Continental has laid out in its Vision 2030 strategy programme.

ContiCityPlus: Concept tire with true vision

While the UltraContact NXT took center stage, Continental provided a glimpse of the future with its ContiCityPlus concept tire, which pushes the boundaries in terms of taking care of energy efficiency in real driving conditions.

  • Its new tire technology increases the total energy efficiency of a tire by up to 10 percent

  • This results in lower CO2 emissions in conventional passenger cars and an extended driving range in electric vehicles

  • It is achieved by optimising tire behaviour in stop-and-go traffic in urban driving situations

ContiCity Plus tire
We see a lot of potential, especially for electric vehicles, where every kilometre of range counts.”


Klaus Kreipe, Head of Continental Tires OEM business in EMEA region

This concept tire is a testament to Continental’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. It’s a bold statement of the brand’s intent to create tires that are not just functional but also contribute positively to the evolving automotive landscape.

The 5 sustainable mobility trends at IAA that are sure to catch your attention!

The 2023 IAA also showcased several captivating sustainable mobility trends that are currently shaping the industry – and will do so for years to come.

Trend 1: The coming machine age with its general impact on society

The coming machine age with its wide socioeconomic implications and a significant increase in automation in the workspace and in society in general was also a major topic at this year’s IAA. Various presentations addressed critical inquiries such as how the mobility sector’s transformation can be expedited by means of intelligent incentive models and decentralised platforms? What mechanisms do pioneering loyalty programmes – such as Web3 move-to-earn applications – employ to drive behavioural shifts among end customers? Moreover, what strategies exist to inspire industry participants to engage in genuine collaboration and the exchange of information, potentially through the utilisation of data spaces?

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Trend 2: Connected mobility and integrated smart ecosystems

Connected mobility and integrated smart ecosystems – the integration and intersection of various technologies and services to create a seamless and efficient transportation ecosystem – stands as a pivotal theme for the future across multiple industries. It was a central focus at IAA MOBILITY 2023, too. 

Dubai at night

The forthcoming era of mobility relies heavily on connectivity, thereby ushering in a realm of boundless opportunities for conceiving fresh mobility resolutions, enhancing existing ones so as to improve the safety, convenience and efficiency of mobility as a whole.

This paradigm shift thrives on the seamless interaction between diverse modes of transportation and the collaboration of technology, IT, entertainment electronics and telecommunications firms with vehicle and micromobility manufacturers and suppliers.

From autonomous automobiles and advanced robotics to electrified delivery services seamlessly communicating with infrastructure, cloud-based and software solutions, and captivating in-car entertainment offerings – everything will be connected in the future.

Trend 3: Autonomous driving – already a trend in recent years

Autonomous driving and the safety, efficiency and ethical considerations it involves are one of the trends that have been debated in recent years and are still being discussed this year. Continental & EasyMile presented a driverless robo-taxi at the IAA in 2019, for example. According to a survey by Bitkom, one third of Germans would not like to forego the fun of driving a car themselves. Only 11 per cent of them believe there are no disadvantages to autonomous driving.

City at night

Meanwhile the auto industry and new players share a vision of cars becoming essential spaces for work and leisure – akin to offices and homes. There are technical hurdles to be overcome, however.

Currently, Level 2+ driver assistance systems are common, offering limited automation. Level 3 systems are emerging, capable of automated freeway driving in traffic. Manufacturers also collaborate in deploying automonous driving features.

Investments in autonomous driving are substantial, yet the full transition from human to machine control faces challenges. Some OEMs have exited the race. Hype around Levels 4 and 5 is fading; experts predict potential introduction by 2025 or a delay to 2030. 

Trend 4: Urban mobility and how to reimagine and redefine it

Urban mobility is on the brink of a revolutionary makeover in the next decade. Challenges like traffic, pollution and overpopulation are driving the need for sustainable solutions. The future promises shared transportation through mobility-on-demand, with electric vehicles taking precedence over gas guzzlers. Automation will come into its own in the form of self-driving metros, buses and even drone taxis, promising faster and safer commuting. The urban landscape is set to transform as we embrace digitalisation for a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

Yellow tram

Trend 5: One of the biggest trends across all industries: AI technology

AI technology and how it will affect the acceleration and development of mobility was one of the topics you couldn’t afford to miss at the IAA. Numerous talks dealt with this topic in its many different facets, such as automation, prediction and design of efficient and sustainable traffic and transportation routes, and reducing overall labour costs and increasing profits and productivity, as well as the significant impact AI will have on safety and accident monitoring and prediction across different parts of the industry. 

fingers touching

These and other sustainable mobility trends were certainly featured at IAA. 

Continental’s presence at the IAA was a game-changer in the world of mobility. The UltraContact NXT showcases the tire company’s dedication to innovation, performance, and sustainability, while the ContiCityPlus concept tire hints at exciting possibilities for the future. As we recap the IAA, it’s clear that the automotive industry is embracing a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable future—one that promises to reshape the way we move and live.

UltraContact NXT

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