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The Tractor85 is a tire for all seasons and all surfaces. It is a true all-rounder: narrow enough to fit neatly into a furrow, but wide enough to fill the role of a versatile, heavy-duty farm tire. Thanks to its special N.flex technology, the Tractor85 is durable and robust. Its nylon carcass makes the tire extremely flexible, able to absorb more impacts than other tires – for a comfortable ride over fields and tarmac alike.

Technical Details


  • Flexibility of nylon carcass ensures better damping in all applications
  • Low-shrinkage nylon reduces flat spots for a more comfortable ride


Almost perfect roundness of our tires. Standard tires in this segment are baked in an mold consisting up to 36 pieces, Continental is using a 2 piece mold to ensure the tires roundness and therefore your comfort. 


Agriculture Brochure English

Agriculture Brochure English

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Technical Databook - Agriculture English

Technical Databook - Agriculture English

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Testimonials - Tractor85

“We have been extremely happy with the Tractor85,” says Gültlinger. He is one of 55 test customers throughout Europe – from Portugal to Finland – that Continental has supplied with the standard tires of this new premium radial tire portfolio since the beginning of 2017. Since then, the estate management team in Hellkofen has been using this tire on its tractors both when harvesting grains and tubers and when spraying crop protection products on potatoes, beets and onions.

“We need efficient machinery and reliable materials in order to perform well and do everything at the optimal moment. We need huge efficiency in our work and therefore we are always looking for products that can go hand in hand with that. When we are perfoming at 100%, we can not allow ourselves to have something that doesn’t work. We search for quality in all of our products – both in machinery and in tires,” explains Mr. Mora.

Antonio Mora, in background a tractor Antonio Mora, Coschadoras and Agroservicios del Sur

The summer sun is burning in the bright blue sky above the fields of Minnesota. The smell of recently harvested hay and grain still fills the air. The continuous purring of engines breaks the silence. Stubble and grass are being turned into furrows so straight that you might think they had been drawn by a ruler.

Peter Alderslade - World Ploughing Championship 2019 Peter Alderslade - World Ploughing Championship 2019

Mario Arcifa manages the family farm “Arcifa Brothers vineyard”. The soil conditions there are challenging, this means for Arcifa that they must work on a variety of different soils. "When we used the Continental Tractor85 on our farm, we found that the tires had a minimal effect on the soil surface.” Mick Carbone, owner of “Agriculture Tyres and Wheels” also particularly appreciates the wide range of products Continental offers him. "It's great to have Continental back in our market!”

Nathan Arcifa - Owner of Arcifa Brothers vineyard Mario and Nathan Arcifa - Owner of Arcifa Brothers vineyard

When you see the freshly painted 1972 John Deere 4020 "High Crop,” it almost looks brand new. The shiny green exterior and new Continental tires make it hard to believe the tractor is nearing 50 years old, built on September 29, 1971. 

“What I learned from this restoration was hard work, determination, meeting a deadline, but also speaking” explained Ryder.

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