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Driven by passion and dedication, the farmer works in the field for as long as it takes to bring in the harvest. Likewise, our engineers go that extra mile so our tires can support the farmer in all weather and on all terrain. They are miles ahead of standard tires, integrating N.flex technology, the innovative bead design and advanced d.fine lug technology. Longer-lasting tires take dedicated farmers further.

Technical Details

Tire efficiency in Premium Segment

  • Engine power transferred best under the test conditions
  • Best in category “Fuel consumption” under constant drive conditions
  • Second place in transport behavior on road in combination with hill and falt sections  at 60 km/h

Find out more about the test method and results on the DLG-website  or have a look at the DLG Test-Report here


High mileage due to 5 % larger lug surface than standard tires


  • Great impact resistance due to maximum elongation of nylon

Low soil compaction

  • High deflection performance of the sidewall


Agriculture Brochure English

Agriculture Brochure English

pdf 3 MB Download

DLG Test Report 7041

DLG Test Report 7041

pdf 3 MB Download

Technical Databook - Agriculture English

Technical Databook - Agriculture English

pdf 11 MB Download

Testimonials - Tractor85

Alan Thow farms 2,500 acres in partnership with this brother Norman, with their sons heavily involved, too.  Denside is a mixed farm beside Auchenblae, Laurencekirk with farmland spread over a 20-mile radius that includes 400 beef cows, 1400 breeding ewes, 2000 finishing cattle and 6000 lambs, 600 acres of cereals and 100 acres of turnips and fodder beet are grown for feed.

The premium brand tires specified on the 6150R needed to be replaced so Alan started looking for an alternative.  “Because of the amount of road work we do I wanted tires to be quiet and comfortable on the road, but I also expected premium brand tires to wear well and to get all the tread wear without cracks and punctures.”

Not only the temperatures are extreme in Australia, but also the agricultural and soil conditions, especially in the Reverina region. Simon Codemo faces challenges in his daily work in his business "Codemo Machinery Services". He is therefore very pleased with the return of Continental and the wide range of agricultural tires in this segment: "The relaunch of Continental Tires to Australia is a great experience for us."

Simon Codemo – Owner – Codemo Machinery Services, Australia Simon Codemo – Owner – Codemo Machinery Services, Australia

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