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Construction - ContiEarth

Sideview on a construction side with different vehicles.

Continental Commercial Specialty Tires follows the customized solution approach with the introduction of the new ContiEarth range. This means, every tire line was developed for an individual vehicle type and therefore takes into consideration the requirements of each machine.

As a leading technology company, Continental combines its strength in the automotive and rubber sector and presents its intelligent tire as essential part of the ContiEarth range. The intelligent tire means that each tire of the ContiEarth range already comes with an integrated sensor. The sensor is able to constantly monitor inflation pressure as well as tire temperature and can transmit the information in real time to the ContiPressureCheck™ system. With the help of additional components, the data can be visualized either via handheld tool or display in the driver cabin.

Continental RDT-Master for Rigid Dump Trucks

The Continental RDT-Master is designed for rigid dump trucks, which transport heavy loads over long distances in rough terrain. In these severe conditions, tires have to offer high stability and good traction even at high speeds. In addition, the tires need to be extremely resistant to cut and tear.

The RDT-Master’s special tread design with a deep tread depth and a wide and flat tread radius offers high loading capacity and cutting resistance. The angled tread edges, in addition to the open shoulder design, facilitate high lateral stability which results in better driving behavior. Maximum traction is guaranteed even on winding terrain and while driving high speeds. Moreover, the open tread design results in excellent self-cleaning characteristics.

NEW: The Continental RDT-Master is available with a standard (ST) and a cut resistant (CR) compound.

View on a tire on a mine.

Continental EM-Master for ADTs, loaders and dozers

Articulated dump trucks (ADTs), loaders and dozers are used for transporting large quantities of bulk or aggregate material in extreme conditions ranging from soft and muddy soil to gravelly and rocky terrain in construction or mining sites. Durability, excellent traction, and superior resistance to rock cutting and heat generation are essential to operate in these extreme conditions.

Continental’s EM-Master is customized for these specific demands. The tire is available in two versions with different tire tread designs.

The EM-Master E3/L3 features a normal tread depth and wide spacing between the blocks. This results in excellent self-cleaning characteristics, good traction, and maneuverability even in muddy terrain. The open tread design and normal tread depth of 100 percent offers better cooling characteristics and therefore less heat buildup, resulting in a long service life.

Compared to the E3/L3 the Continental EM-Master E4/L4 features a greater block size with less spacing between the blocks and a deeper tread depth. The tire offers a high carcass protection and superior cutting resistance, minimizing the risk of punctures and downtimes. The smaller tread block spacing results in smooth running, even on hard surfaces. Due to its high tread wear volume, the Continental EM-Master E4/L4 also offers an excellent service life.

View on a tire on a construction side.

Lousado - Radials from Portugal

Equipped with state-of-the-art tire building machinery and automated devices, the Commercial Specialty Tires unit is designed to deliver cutting-edge radial tires for Earthmoving, OTR Material Handling and Agriculture. 

Besides the new production facilities, Lousado´s Research & Development facilities for Agricultural tires as well as the Evaluation Center are used for continuous performance and quality tests of all agricultural, port and earthmoving tires.


Lousado, Portugal Continental's new production plant in Lousado, Portugal