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Precision Heavy Haul

Mike Poppe

Mike Corkran and Allen Garrett

Over the years, Precision Heavy Haul has been trusted to carry everything from the gun barrels of aircraft carriers to telescope lenses. But who’s the tire company that has earned their trust? Continental. With unmatched fleet services including tire analysis and inspections, owner Mike Poppe
says Continental is an integral partner to their business. “We couldn’t take on jobs like this, without knowing Continental has our back.”

Mike Poppe, CEO, and Founder of Precision Heavy Haul knows a thing or two about dependability. For the last 30 years, his customers have counted on Precision’s reputation for quality work and on-time delivery, whatever the cargo.

So when Precision wanted to increase their dependability even further, one tire manufacturer came to mind to help them meet those goals.

Mike Poppe, CEO and Founder of Precision Heavy Haul

“After experimenting with a number of tire manufacturers, PHH chose Continental to resolve our issues with side-wall failures, and provide the customized service that we require.”

Mike Poppe, CEO, and Founder of Precision Heavy Haul

Conti CityService HA3
Conti CityService HA3
Conti CityService HA3
Conti CityService HA3

Mike elaborated, “We haul everything: aircraft, bridges, locomotives, and everything in between. With our 250-ton, 19-axle trailers, there are very few jobs we can’t tackle. But as you can imagine, on jobs this complex, nothing can be left to chance. Recently we hauled a $14 million radio telescope to the top of Kitt Peak, outside Tucson Arizona. On a job like that, with steep grades, tight turns, and sheer drops, there is absolutely no margin of error. We invested over 6000 man-hours in planning and executing that job.”

For the last decade, Precision Heavy Haul has relied on Continental truck tires across their fleet of 17 tractors and over 150 trailer combinations.

Mike continued, “Our steer tires are achieving 76% better mileage, and drive tires are at 80%. That’s not just a direct cost saving, but also results in less downtime across the whole fleet. 

“The number one concern on our high-profile projects is safety. And we know with Continental working as our partner, we can continue to be known for having one of the best safety records in the entire industry.”

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