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Troy Beal

In 1964, Gordon Turner established G.A. Turner Transport in Kyle, Saskatchewan, focusing on delivering general freight and bulk petroleum products in the local area. By 1983, the company transitioned, relocating to Saskatoon and rebranding as Turner Transport Ltd. In 2008, Turner Transport's growth necessitated a new facility, prompting the purchase of property and construction to accommodate the expanding company and its equipment. This trend continued in 2017, with Turner's expansion to Regina, strategically positioning trucks and trailers to serve the southern half of the province better.

Presently, Turner Transport boasts a diverse fleet equipped with various multi-axle combinations, such as trombone, rail, RGNs, and scissor necks, providing versatile solutions for clients' transportation needs. The company's commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner is complemented by the utilization of advanced technologies, including the Continental Tire Yard reader on the premises. This integration further solidifies Turner Transport Ltd.'s reputation as the province's premier specialized transportation provider.

"Through the digital readers in our yard and the smartphone app, [we'll] be able to check tire pressures, temperature, and tread depth anywhere [our trucks] are throughout their day."

Troy Beal - Co-owner of Turner Transport LTD.

Continental Tire's commitment to innovation is exemplified through its advanced digital solutions, notably the ContiConnect platform and the ContiConnect Yard Reader. ContiConnect revolutionizes tire management by providing real-time data on tire conditions, empowering fleet managers with insights that enhance safety and operational efficiency. This digital solution ensures proactive maintenance, extending tire life and reducing overall operational costs.

"We believe this digital solution will reduce the time spent manually checking tire pressures. This will reduce the number of slow leaks, stuck valve stems, and under-inflated tires while our trucks are out on the highway."

Complementing this, the ContiConnect Yard Reader takes fleet management to the next level by offering live monitoring of tire pressure, temperature, and health. It enables quick responses to potential issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing safety. Together, these technologies form a powerful duo, seamlessly integrating into existing fleet management systems and delivering a holistic approach to tire intelligence that not only enhances performance but also aligns with sustainability goals, marking Continental Tire as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of smart, connected solutions for modern fleet management.

"With over a thousand tires on the ground, even a small savings and cost reduction, by properly inflated tires leads to cost-benefit and safety on the highway."

Explore the Turner Transport testimonial video for a firsthand account of the remarkable benefits of Continental Tire. Discover how Continental's innovations have elevated safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for Turner Transport, offering a compelling glimpse into the tangible advantages of their tire solutions.

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