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#Conti 3G Casing

Casing Management Just Got Simpler

3G Casing

Improved casing management is delivered through a standardized platform of 240/245mm.

Standardize your fleet's tire program with the Conti 3G Casing.

A casing designed for truck tire retreads

Your Advantages

Wider platform allows for wider and deeper treads. Increased stability in the belt package promotes even wear throughout the tire's life. 

The 3G Casing uses a standardized 245 mm tread platform. In addition to simplified casing management, this platform provides the space our tire engineers need to provide a wider and deeper tread, helping you get the best original mileage from your Continental truck and bus tires. 

The casing also features an innovative belt package designed with increased stability to promote even wear throughout the tire’s life. By supplying increased stiffness, the belt cord angles help reduce or eliminate uneven tire wear caused by deflection. When a tire wears evenly, it can grant maximum miles to removal.

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