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Sustainability in Motion

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How Continental is making mobility smarter and more sustainable

  • Our goal is to be the most progressive tire company in terms of environmental and social responsibility.
  • We continually drive forward innovative technologies and sustainable solutions along our entire value chain.
  • Find out how and join our journey!

Continental has always been firmly grounded in the present, while simultaneously looking ahead to the future. That is why we design, develop, and produce tires that are known for their safety, performance, and efficiency, but we are also working to keep ahead of the innovations that will shape the mobility of tomorrow. No matter where the road will take us next, we already know what lies ahead: a cleaner, more sustainable, and carbon-neutral future. We haven’t just set ourselves ambitious targets that will help us reach our goal of becoming the most progressive tire company in terms of environmental and social responsibility – we are already taking concrete steps to get there. Here are some examples.

Sustainable materials

Urban Taraxagum dandelion rubber bike tire Dandelion rubber is used in the Urban Taraxagum bike tire

Driving sustainably

Sustainable driving car and motorbike All drivers can contribute to sustainable mobility

Clean transport

A truck with low-rolling-resistance tires A truck with low-rolling-resistance tires

3 steps towards a sustainable future

1. Reduce

We are constantly working to reduce the amount of materials we use and to increase the amount of renewable raw materials that go into our tires. At the same time, we take action to reduce the production footprint of all our innovations, as well as the impact they have on the environment when they are in use.

2. Reuse

We consistently increase the share of recycled materials in our products, for example by using polyester from recycled plastic bottles for the tire’s casing and recycled steel, rubber, or carbon black instead of new resources.

3. Recycle

From increasing the longevity of our products (for example by retreading worn-down tires) to recycling materials at the end of their life cycle, we aim to reuse rather than dispose of the valuable ingredients that make our high-tech products.

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