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Running is a fun and healthy activity that’s easy to do. But what is your attitude and motivation – why are you interested in this activity?

You might be a runner who is varying your normal route, taking a detour to the right or left, or even trying a completely new path. That will make your run much more interesting, because you don’t know what’s coming around the next corner. Or you like sticking to the same route because you always know exactly where you are at each point, and can check to see how much time you needed and if you’ve gotten any faster. Whenever or wherever you just feel like running – that’s the right time and spot.

Whether it's the new best time or discovering something new, whatever your motivation, safe grip on different surfaces and weather conditions is essential for a great running experience. You do not want to think of you shoes and soles but concentrate on your performance. The crucial point is to have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations.

Continental supports everyone in sharing the road safely and delivers the right grip for you.

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With seven world records in backwards running and 45 stair-running titles under his belt, it could be said that Thomas Dold chases victories of the more unusual sort. 

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Green marathons

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More and more marathon organizers are showing their concern for the environment by running greener and more sustainable events.

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The right shoe for every adventure

Continental provides the grip to move you forward. Our outsoles for adidas shoes will get you through the harshest conditions when running, hiking or mountaineering. 

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Running by numbers

Did you know that it took the slowest marathon runner of all time 54 years from starting gun to finish line?

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10 tips on running in winter

Will breathing cold air harm your lungs? Is it okay to feel cold while you’re running? What kind of running shoes deliver grip on ice?

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Aspiring Athletes

A short but steep challenge; how athlete Johannes Rydzek set a World Record on Continental soles with maximum grip.

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