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Driving situations

Driving situations

Driving situations

Hazardous driving situations and how to handle them

Driving is fun and exciting, especially with the right tires fitted to the wheels of your car. However, sometimes we’ll face unpredictable conditions on the road that make it less safe to drive.

Extreme weather leads to hazards like wet surfaces or poor visibility. Alternatively, high traffic volumes mean extended journey times behind the wheel – and drowsy or distracted driving. Continental cares about your safety, both inside and outside the vehicle. In this section, we’d like to share safe driving tips for a variety of situations.


Aquaplaning is one of the most dangerous situations in road traffic, but the driver can prepare for it with suitable tires.

Tips for preventing aquaplaning in your car.

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Curvy rides

To stay safe on curvy roads, you should avoid driving your car at excessive speed.

A useful technique for winding roads.

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Driving in snow

What to do when snow and ice strikes.

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Driving in fog

Tips for safe driving in fog

Tips for safe driving in fog.

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Holiday journey

Holiday Journey

Get your tires vacation ready.

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Driving in heavy rain

When wet weather strikes, driving conditions can change.

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