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Tire care and maintenance

Tire care and maintenance

How to take good care of your tires

Do you care about the tires on your vehicle? Like, really care about them? Do you regulary check your tire pressure for instance or at least you are aware of monitoring the pressure of your tires? 

Responsible motorists must take an interest in the welfare of their tires, not just to avoid a costly repair bill, but also for the safety of theirselves and other road users. As the tire is the only contact between the car and the road we really recommend to take care of your tires and maintain them regularly.

We’ll discuss the importance of tire pressure, how to use a gauge for measuring tire pressure, proper storage of your summer and winter tires, measuring tread depth, retorquing wheels, and balancing tires. Implement this advice into your regular tire care routine, and you’ll become a driving safety superstar in no time at all. In this section, you’ll learn some incredibly useful tips for long-term tire maintenance.