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CF Fertilisers - Anthony Jones

Leading agricultural fertilizer producer, CF Fertilisers UK, has opted to switch its tire policy to Continental Tires for the heavy-duty forklifts and on-site trailers at its Cheshire headquarters and manufacturing site. 

Anthony Jones, Day Handling Team Leader, recalls, “We decided to give ‘Conti’ a chance. We felt the tires we had been using were being changed far too often – so something had to give. We liked the ideas the Continental team put forward and the confidence they had that they could improve on both safety and economy; and we especially liked the fact that they had a very competent and professional local dealer, Nation Tyres, the Continental Tires Industrial network partner at Ellesmere Port."


Continental - The Slidewheel

Slidewheel - Dr. Stephan Spiller

“We need efficient machinery and reliable materials in order to perform well and do everything at the optimal moment. We need huge efficiency in our work and therefore we are always looking for products that can go hand in hand with that. When we are perfoming at 100%, we can not allow ourselves to have something that doesn’t work. We search for quality in all of our products – both in machinery and in tires,” explains Mora.

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Keith Rowles, Logistics Trainer and MHE Controller at Wavin Plastics

Keith Rowles, Logistics Trainer and MHE Controller at Wavin Plastics

Wavin - Keith Rowles

Wavin Plastics UK, leading supplier of plastic pipe systems for residential, non-residential and civil engineering projects, was recommended the Continental CSEasy+ range as a time-saving solution by Linde National Tyres.

Keith Rowles, Logistics Trainer and MHE Controller at Wavin Plastics, says the brief was simple – to keep products moving: “Every day, we manufacture 100 tonnes of product, load 70 lorries, and pick 10,000 lines of product – we have to get the items out to the customer on time.”


150 Years - Krenzer Paletten

150 Years - Krenzer Paletten

Krenzer Paletten - Josef Gensler

Pallet furniture - who hasn't seen it? No matter whether it is as a sitting area, a wardrobe bar or a bar counter, there are no limits to creative diversity.

Krenzer Paletten. A third generation family business with decades of quality and tradition in wood processing, pallet production as well as its own distribution. Josef Gensler, former Workshop Manager at Krenzer Paletten: "We have been working very closely with Continental for over 20 years. The support from Conti is top-notch"