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Digital Solutions

What is Digital Tire Monitoring?

Tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) that supersedes manual, routine tire maintenance and replaces it with automatic digital monitoring for tires that employs targeted tire checks. Various systems are available. The Continental solution uses a sensor mounted onto the inner liner of a tire that constantly measures the tire pressure and the temperature inside the tire.

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ContiConnect™ - Fleet monitoring

Via a web portal, ContiConnect™ makes it possible to monitor the tire pressure and temperature data of an entire fleet. A measuring station, the yard reader station, captures all the required data on the company premises as trucks drive by and makes it available to the relevant manager via a web portal. If the values are not correct, the manager is proactively informed by ContiConnect™ via SMS or e-mail.

ContiPressureCheck™ - Single vehicle monitoring

It ensures that tire pressure and temperature are monitored for the whole vehicle – even when it is in motion. A sensor inside the tire continuously measures pressure and temperature. The system sends the data to the driver and sounds an audible warning if there are any deviations. Installation is simple. The system is compatible with all tire manufacturers. Automatic trailer recognition enables tractor units to be changed quickly. The system is suitable for many industrial vehicles and can be combined with a big range of telematics solutions.

Total Cost of Ownership

In the current economic climate, fork truck fleet operators will be thinking about how they can make savings on their replacement tire bills. Continental’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) program is a unique response to these challenges; focused on reducing operating costs & maximizing the return on your investment